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Vanpool Subsidy With VTA

It’s like a carpool…only bigger.  Vanpools are gaining in popularity as Bay Area commuters become increasingly frustrated with heavy traffic. Now, VTA is making it more affordable for vanpoolers to pay for their commute with a $350 monthly subsidy, added to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) Vanpool program.

With a Vanpool, between 7 and 15 riders can share a van or large SUV when travelling together to work.  Sharing the ride and expenses in a vanpool can save money, save time, and help save the environment by cutting back on the number of vehicles on the road.

 MTC administers the Bay Area Vanpool Program where passengers share the cost to lease the vehicle from Enterprise, which can be anywhere between $1,000 - $1,575 per month, as well as the cost of fuel. Currently, MTC offers up to $350 per month for eligible vanpools within the nine Bay Area counties. VTA’s pilot program provides an additional $350 subsidy providing eligible vanpools savings up to $700 per month.

VTA’s Pilot Vanpool Subsidy is available to 20 vanpools every month that meet MTC’s requirements and begin and end their commutes within Santa Clara County. Eligible vanpools will receive the discount for every month they qualify during the 12-month period that started in July 2021.

Commuters in Santa Clara County interested in joining the program can visit Whether you’ve  been vanpooling all along, or want to start up a new one, subsidies available!

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