What a Simple Bus Yard Visit Can do for a Wide-Eyed Child

Children often have big dreams and aspirations, fueled by their boundless imagination and curiosity about the world around them. For one 5-year-old boy named Matteo, his love for VTA buses and trains ignited at a very young age. And recently, VTA provided an opportunity for Matteo to expand those sights. 

In his (San Jose) neighborhood, on a regular basis, Matteo waits excitedly for VTA buses to arrive and pick up his friends in the neighborhood as he waves to the bus drivers with pure joy. Matteo hopes to become a bus driver one day and looks to VTA drivers as his role models. 

On a recent Spring Break Day from kindergarten, Matteo’s family surprised him with a VTA bus yard tour to meet his role models. As they walked up to the yard, Matteo's eyes lit up with excitement as he saw all the big buses and began sharing one fact after another that he already knew about VTA. Bursting with enthusiasm, he ran towards the bus with a big smile on his face. 

VTA staff and bus drivers greeted Matteo warmly and invited him onto a bus. Matteo's eyes widened with wonder as he stepped on board, taking in the rows of seats, the giant steering wheel, and the many buttons and switches on the dashboard. Seeing his genuine fascination with the bus made quite the impression on his parents and VTA staff.

VTA takes pride in the daily transit service we offer, knowing that the drivers are making a positive impact on the lives of passengers of all ages, from all walks of life. The simple act of meeting bus drivers had a profound impact on Matteo’s life, magnifying his passion for buses and inspiring him even more to pursue his dream of becoming a bus driver.

Matteo reminds those of us at VTA that a chance encounter and a little encouragement can have a huge impact on the community we serve. Thanks for the love, Matteo.


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Collage of Matteo's Tour with buses


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