Berryessa BART - Lockheed Martin via De Anza College

Service Alerts

There are currently no Service Alerts specifically for this Route.

Rapid buses may depart up to five minutes earlier than the time shown, if traffic allows.


(Effective Date: October 12, 2020)

Don't see your stop listed? Plan to arrive at the stop or station at least five (5) minutes prior to the bus or train arrival time (all times are approximate). Rapid buses may depart up to five minutes earlier than the time shown, if traffic allows.

Lockheed Martin Transit Center (Bay 6)Frances & Olson (S)Sunnyvale-Saratoga & El Camino (S)Sunnyvale-Saratoga & Fremont (S)Stevens Creek & Stelling (E)Stevens Creek & Miller (E)Stevens Creek & Kiely (E)Stevens Creek & Santana Row (E)San Carlos & Bascom (E)San Carlos & Bird (E)Santa Clara & 2nd (E)King & Alum Rock (N)Berryessa Transit Center (Bay 2)
----6:16 AM6:21 AM6:28 AM6:33 AM6:36 AM6:43 AM6:50 AM7:01 AM7:09 AM
6:21 AM6:31 AM6:34 AM6:38 AM6:46 AM6:51 AM6:58 AM7:03 AM7:06 AM7:13 AM7:20 AM7:31 AM7:39 AM
6:45 AM6:56 AM6:59 AM7:03 AM7:13 AM7:19 AM7:26 AM7:31 AM7:35 AM7:43 AM7:50 AM8:01 AM8:09 AM
7:08 AM7:20 AM7:24 AM7:29 AM7:39 AM7:46 AM7:55 AM8:01 AM8:05 AM8:13 AM8:20 AM8:31 AM8:39 AM
7:36 AM7:49 AM7:53 AM7:58 AM8:09 AM8:16 AM8:25 AM8:31 AM8:35 AM8:42 AM8:50 AM9:01 AM9:09 AM
8:06 AM8:21 AM8:25 AM8:30 AM8:40 AM8:47 AM8:56 AM9:02 AM9:06 AM9:13 AM9:21 AM9:32 AM9:39 AM
8:37 AM8:52 AM8:56 AM9:01 AM9:11 AM9:18 AM9:27 AM9:33 AM9:37 AM9:44 AM9:51 AM10:02 AM10:09 AM
9:10 AM9:24 AM9:28 AM9:33 AM9:43 AM9:49 AM9:57 AM10:03 AM10:07 AM10:14 AM10:21 AM10:32 AM10:39 AM
9:40 AM9:54 AM9:58 AM10:03 AM10:12 AM10:18 AM10:26 AM10:32 AM10:36 AM10:44 AM10:51 AM11:02 AM11:09 AM
10:10 AM10:23 AM10:27 AM10:32 AM10:41 AM10:47 AM10:55 AM11:01 AM11:05 AM11:13 AM11:20 AM11:32 AM11:39 AM
10:42 AM10:54 AM10:58 AM11:02 AM11:11 AM11:17 AM11:25 AM11:31 AM11:35 AM11:43 AM11:50 AM12:02 PM12:09 PM
11:09 AM11:21 AM11:25 AM11:29 AM11:38 AM11:45 AM11:53 AM12:00 PM12:04 PM12:12 PM12:20 PM12:32 PM12:39 PM
11:38 AM11:50 AM11:54 AM11:58 AM12:07 PM12:14 PM12:23 PM12:30 PM12:34 PM12:42 PM12:50 PM1:02 PM1:09 PM
12:08 PM12:20 PM12:24 PM12:28 PM12:37 PM12:44 PM12:53 PM1:00 PM1:04 PM1:12 PM1:20 PM1:32 PM1:39 PM
12:37 PM12:49 PM12:53 PM12:58 PM1:07 PM1:14 PM1:23 PM1:30 PM1:34 PM1:42 PM1:50 PM2:02 PM2:09 PM
1:05 PM1:16 PM1:20 PM1:25 PM1:35 PM1:42 PM1:51 PM1:58 PM2:03 PM2:11 PM2:19 PM2:31 PM2:39 PM
1:33 PM1:44 PM1:48 PM1:53 PM2:03 PM2:10 PM2:19 PM2:26 PM2:31 PM2:40 PM2:48 PM3:01 PM3:09 PM
2:02 PM2:12 PM2:16 PM2:21 PM2:31 PM2:39 PM2:49 PM2:56 PM3:01 PM3:10 PM3:18 PM3:31 PM3:39 PM
2:26 PM2:36 PM2:40 PM2:45 PM2:55 PM3:04 PM3:15 PM3:23 PM3:28 PM3:39 PM3:47 PM4:01 PM4:09 PM
2:55 PM3:05 PM3:09 PM3:14 PM3:24 PM3:33 PM3:44 PM3:53 PM3:58 PM4:09 PM4:17 PM4:31 PM4:39 PM
3:27 PM3:37 PM3:41 PM3:46 PM3:56 PM4:04 PM4:14 PM4:23 PM4:28 PM4:39 PM4:47 PM5:01 PM5:09 PM
3:52 PM4:02 PM4:06 PM4:11 PM4:22 PM4:30 PM4:40 PM4:49 PM4:55 PM5:07 PM5:16 PM5:31 PM5:39 PM
4:20 PM4:30 PM4:34 PM4:39 PM4:50 PM4:58 PM5:08 PM5:18 PM5:24 PM5:37 PM5:46 PM6:01 PM6:09 PM
4:46 PM4:58 PM5:03 PM5:08 PM5:20 PM5:30 PM5:42 PM5:53 PM5:59 PM6:11 PM6:19 PM6:32 PM6:39 PM
5:24 PM5:39 PM5:44 PM5:49 PM6:02 PM6:10 PM6:20 PM6:29 PM6:34 PM6:43 PM6:50 PM7:02 PM7:09 PM
5:57 PM6:12 PM6:17 PM6:22 PM6:35 PM6:43 PM6:53 PM7:02 PM7:06 PM7:14 PM7:21 PM7:32 PM7:39 PM
6:35 PM6:47 PM6:51 PM6:56 PM7:09 PM7:15 PM7:23 PM7:31 PM7:35 PM7:42 PM7:49 PM8:00 PM8:06 PM
7:11 PM7:22 PM7:26 PM7:31 PM7:43 PM7:49 PM7:57 PM8:04 PM8:08 PM8:15 PM8:22 PM8:33 PM8:39 PM
7:43 PM7:53 PM7:57 PM8:02 PM8:13 PM8:19 PM8:27 PM8:34 PM8:38 PM8:45 PM8:52 PM9:03 PM9:09 PM
8:19 PM8:28 PM8:32 PM8:36 PM8:45 PM8:51 PM8:59 PM9:05 PM9:09 PM9:16 PM9:23 PM9:33 PM9:39 PM
8:49 PM8:58 PM9:02 PM9:06 PM9:15 PM9:21 PM9:29 PM9:35 PM9:39 PM9:46 PM9:53 PM10:03 PM10:09 PM
9:23 PM9:32 PM9:36 PM9:40 PM9:48 PM9:54 PM10:01 PM10:06 PM10:10 PM10:17 PM10:23 PM--
Berryessa Transit Center (Bay 1)Alum Rock & King (W)2nd & Santa ClaraSan Carlos & Bird (W)San Carlos & Bascom (W)Stevens Creek & Santana Row (W)Stevens Creek & Kiely (W)Stevens Creek & Wolfe (W)Stelling & Stevens Creek (N)Sunnyvale-Saratoga & Fremont (N)Sunnyvale & El Camino (N)Frances & Olson (N)Lockheed Martin Transit Center (Bay 2)
--------6:03 AM6:10 AM6:13 AM6:16 AM6:25 AM
6:01 AM6:07 AM6:17 AM6:24 AM6:29 AM6:33 AM6:38 AM6:46 AM6:52 AM6:59 AM7:02 AM7:05 AM7:16 AM
6:31 AM6:37 AM6:47 AM6:54 AM7:00 AM7:04 AM7:10 AM7:18 AM7:24 AM7:32 AM7:36 AM7:39 AM7:51 AM
7:01 AM7:07 AM7:17 AM7:24 AM7:31 AM7:35 AM7:43 AM7:54 AM8:01 AM8:10 AM8:14 AM8:17 AM8:30 AM
7:31 AM7:38 AM7:49 AM7:57 AM8:05 AM8:10 AM8:19 AM8:30 AM8:37 AM8:46 AM8:50 AM8:53 AM9:07 AM
8:01 AM8:08 AM8:19 AM8:27 AM8:35 AM8:40 AM8:49 AM9:01 AM9:08 AM9:17 AM9:21 AM9:24 AM9:38 AM
8:31 AM8:38 AM8:49 AM8:57 AM9:05 AM9:10 AM9:18 AM9:28 AM9:35 AM9:43 AM9:47 AM9:50 AM10:03 AM
9:01 AM9:08 AM9:19 AM9:27 AM9:34 AM9:39 AM9:47 AM9:57 AM10:04 AM10:12 AM10:16 AM10:19 AM10:31 AM
9:31 AM9:38 AM9:49 AM9:57 AM10:04 AM10:09 AM10:17 AM10:27 AM10:34 AM10:42 AM10:46 AM10:49 AM11:00 AM
10:01 AM10:08 AM10:19 AM10:27 AM10:34 AM10:39 AM10:45 AM10:55 AM11:02 AM11:10 AM11:14 AM11:17 AM11:28 AM
10:31 AM10:38 AM10:49 AM10:57 AM11:04 AM11:09 AM11:15 AM11:25 AM11:32 AM11:40 AM11:44 AM11:48 AM12:00 PM
11:01 AM11:08 AM11:19 AM11:27 AM11:34 AM11:39 AM11:45 AM11:55 AM12:02 PM12:10 PM12:14 PM12:18 PM12:30 PM
11:31 AM11:38 AM11:49 AM11:57 AM12:04 PM12:09 PM12:15 PM12:25 PM12:32 PM12:40 PM12:44 PM12:48 PM1:00 PM
12:01 PM12:08 PM12:19 PM12:27 PM12:34 PM12:39 PM12:45 PM12:55 PM1:02 PM1:10 PM1:14 PM1:18 PM1:30 PM
12:31 PM12:38 PM12:49 PM12:57 PM1:04 PM1:09 PM1:15 PM1:24 PM1:31 PM1:39 PM1:43 PM1:47 PM1:59 PM
1:01 PM1:08 PM1:19 PM1:27 PM1:34 PM1:39 PM1:45 PM1:54 PM2:01 PM2:09 PM2:13 PM2:17 PM2:29 PM
1:31 PM1:38 PM1:49 PM1:57 PM2:04 PM2:09 PM2:15 PM2:24 PM2:31 PM2:39 PM2:43 PM2:47 PM2:59 PM
2:01 PM2:08 PM2:19 PM2:27 PM2:34 PM2:39 PM2:45 PM2:54 PM3:01 PM3:09 PM3:13 PM3:17 PM3:29 PM
2:31 PM2:38 PM2:49 PM2:57 PM3:04 PM3:09 PM3:15 PM3:24 PM3:31 PM3:40 PM3:44 PM3:48 PM4:00 PM
3:01 PM3:08 PM3:19 PM3:27 PM3:34 PM3:39 PM3:46 PM3:55 PM4:02 PM4:11 PM4:15 PM4:19 PM4:32 PM
3:31 PM3:38 PM3:49 PM3:57 PM4:04 PM4:09 PM4:16 PM4:25 PM4:32 PM4:41 PM4:45 PM4:49 PM5:02 PM
4:01 PM4:08 PM4:19 PM4:27 PM4:34 PM4:39 PM4:46 PM4:55 PM5:02 PM5:11 PM5:15 PM5:19 PM5:32 PM
4:31 PM4:38 PM4:49 PM4:57 PM5:04 PM5:09 PM5:16 PM5:25 PM5:32 PM5:41 PM5:45 PM5:49 PM6:02 PM
5:01 PM5:08 PM5:19 PM5:27 PM5:34 PM5:39 PM5:46 PM5:55 PM6:02 PM6:11 PM6:15 PM6:19 PM6:32 PM
5:31 PM5:38 PM5:49 PM5:57 PM6:04 PM6:09 PM6:16 PM6:25 PM6:32 PM6:41 PM6:45 PM6:49 PM7:02 PM
6:01 PM6:08 PM6:20 PM6:28 PM6:35 PM6:40 PM6:47 PM6:55 PM7:02 PM7:10 PM7:14 PM7:18 PM7:31 PM
6:31 PM6:38 PM6:49 PM6:57 PM7:04 PM7:09 PM7:15 PM7:23 PM7:30 PM7:38 PM7:42 PM7:46 PM7:57 PM
7:01 PM7:08 PM7:19 PM7:27 PM7:34 PM7:39 PM7:45 PM7:53 PM8:00 PM8:08 PM8:12 PM8:16 PM8:27 PM
7:31 PM7:37 PM7:47 PM7:55 PM8:02 PM8:07 PM8:12 PM8:20 PM8:27 PM8:35 PM8:39 PM8:43 PM8:54 PM
8:01 PM8:07 PM8:17 PM8:24 PM8:30 PM8:34 PM8:39 PM8:47 PM8:52 PM8:59 PM9:02 PM9:05 PM-
8:31 PM8:37 PM8:46 PM8:53 PM8:59 PM9:03 PM9:07 PM9:14 PM9:19 PM----
9:01 PM9:07 PM9:16 PM9:23 PM9:29 PM9:33 PM9:37 PM9:44 PM9:49 PM----
9:31 PM9:37 PM9:46 PM9:53 PM9:59 PM10:03 PM10:07 PM10:14 PM10:19 PM----