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VTA is proud to endorse Transit as the official app for trip planning and real-time information. Travel smarter with Transit, easily plan your trip with up-to-the-minute accuracy and view arrival and departure times for routes. Transit is already our customers’ favorite transit-focused trip planning app!

New! Transit App Royale

Courtesy of VTA, Transit app users are automatically upgraded to the premium subscription of Transit, Royale for a period of 2 years beginning January 16, 2023. This exciting feature gives VTA riders a premium subscription with special features and customizable options all for free.

What do the new features include?

  1. Access to routes outside of your immediate area. 
  2. Ability to schedule trips in advance. 
  3. Choice of a custom avatar and nickname.
  4. Selection of custom themes and icons for locations such as home, work, and school.
  5. Option to compete with fellow riders for top spot through GO crowdsourcing.  
  6. Ability to match branding with the VTA logo and colors.  

Download the app today, plan your trip, and have a little fun on your way!  

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