Silicon Valley Express Lanes Program

What are Express Lanes?

An express lane is a lane to be used by carpoolers, motorcyclists, and clean-air vehicles (with applicable decals) for free, AND single occupant vehicles that pay a toll with a FasTrak transponder.

The VTA Silicon Valley Express Lanes Program has been authorized for two corridors, including the SR 237 and SR 85 / US 101 freeways. See SR 237 Express Lanes Project and SR 85/US 101 Express Lanes Project to learn more.

In March of 2012, VTA began operation of Santa Clara County’s first express lanes on the SR 237/I-880 corridor. In the August 2014 SR 237 Express Lanes Fiscal Year 2014 Update to the VTA Board of Directors, it was noted that the SR 237 Express Lanes have served over 1.3 million toll paying vehicles, about 120,000 vehicle hours of travel time savings have been gained in the corridor and $2.5 million has been generated since it opened for tolling. The 880-237 Express Lanes currently in operation can save a driver approximately 14 minutes when traffic in the general purpose lanes is backed up.

The VTA Express Lanes Program comes at a crucial time as Santa Clara County prepares for a 38% growth in population and a 62% increase in jobs (approximately 555,000 new residents and 445,000 new jobs) in the period between 2010 and 2040 while funding for transportation improvements is limited.


  • More efficient use of existing roadways
  • Provides a new, reliable travel option
  • Travel times improve in all lanes
  • Dynamic toll pricing helps limit overcrowding in express lane
  • Provides a new revenue stream tor transportation and corridor improvements (California Streets and Highways Code Section 149.6[e][3])

VTA is participating in the region's planned 550-mile network of express lanes. For a regional perspective, please visit the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Bay Area Express Lanes webpage