Transit Oriented Communities at VTA's Santa Clara BART Station

Conceptual Rendering of Future Santa Clara Station Area and Transit Oriented Community

The Santa Clara Station Area is transitioning into an important new urban center. The arrival of BART can help to accelerate that positive change. Current Santa Clara and San José plans would allow for about 6.2 million square feet of new development in the station area.

The market potential within the station area can accommodate much more development. Taking advantage of the possibilities will require channeling this growth into development that contributes to a dynamic, welcoming place for residents, workers, and visitors to the Santa Clara Station Area.

Part of the solution will be implementing the principles of good placemaking, new development and public improvements to promote:

  • Creating Great Places
  • A compact and walkable urban environment
  • An engaging and vibrant public realm
  • A respect for local context
  • A diverse and balanced community