people exiting light rail train
Curious About the Ins and Outs of VTA Light Rail? Ask VTA!

Ever asked yourself, "What happens when VTA's aging light rail cars need to be replaced? How do we efficiently serve our current and future passengers? And what changes might need to be made to give any future system the best opportunity to succeed?

Ask VTA!

6:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 22

Ask VTA is a new, monthly facilitated question and answer series to share information and spur conversation on topics that shape transportation, climate and land use issues. March 22 we’ll focus on all things light rail – from planning to service.

VTA’s light rail is an integral part of the urban fabric of Santa Clara County, moving passengers to job centers and connecting them to transit throughout the Valley. The first car was unveiled in 1986, and since then the system has grown to serve residents throughout the County.  But what’s next?

Ask VTA!

Anyone interested in transit, transportation or how residents get around – both now and in the future – should join and bring their questions.


For more information about the Ask VTA series or to register for an upcoming session, visit


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