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This Earth Month, Learn about VTA Climate & Sustainability Efforts

Ever asked yourself, "What is the range of an electric bus? How many solar panels does VTA have? How can public transit help reduce the impacts of climate change?.”

Ask VTA! Join us virtually on Thursday, April 13, at 6:00 pm to hear these and other questions answered.

Ask VTA is a new, monthly facilitated question-and-answer series to share information and spur conversation on topics that shape transportation, environmental, and land use issues. On April 13, we’ll focus on climate, sustainability, and innovation.

VTA is committed to protecting the environment by conserving natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preventing pollution.

Conserving natural resources is accomplished by tracking how much energy and water VTA uses, how many emissions the agency generates, and how much waste it diverts. VTA's Sustainability Plan 2020 presents short-term and stretch targets for key performance indicators: greenhouse gas emissions, criteria air pollutants, building energy, fleet energy, potable water usage, and waste diversion. Progress towards meeting these targets is reported annually by VTA’s Sustainability Program. This Program also promotes VTA’s environmental commitment through policies, projects, and outreach.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential to responding to the climate emergency. VTA is doing its part by investing in zero-emission vehicles and procuring renewable energy to power facilities and fleets. Additional measures to reduce emissions and adapt to extreme weather events are being assessed in the forthcoming Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP).

Preventing pollution is the objective of VTA’s Stormwater Management Program. This Program works to design projects that incorporate stormwater features and on-site treatment measures and to install devices that capture trash before it enters receiving waters. VTA also works with other agencies to organize community clean-up events and promote anti-litter initiatives. 

Learn more about all this important work and more. Join us and ask VTA your questions! RSVP at

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