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A Guaranteed Ride Home When You Need It Most

Let’s set the scene. The morning sun shines bright as you travel to work using VTA’s light rail. Free from driving responsibilities, you listen to a podcast through your headphones. After arriving at the office, you settle in with your cup of coffee and begin reading your email. Your cell phone starts ringing. You let it go to voicemail, but it continues to ring. An emergency has occurred at home on the opposite side of town.

Don’t freak out! VTA has your backup ride with the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH)* program launching on June 12, 2023.

VTA understands that unforeseen circumstances happen to commuters and is a deterrent to why they may not select public transit for transportation. The GRH program will alleviate those fears by providing commuters who use a qualified sustainable mode of transportation to travel to work or school in Santa Clara County with a safety net when an emergency arises. Commuters select the best way to travel to their destination during an emergency, and VTA reimburses their trip – up to $125. 

Guaranteed Ride Home Directions


Commuters must have a VTA GRH account prior to the emergency.

Here's what qualifies for redeemable transportation: Taxis • Rental cars (including insurance and tolls) • Carshare vehicles (including insurance and tolls) • Transportation network companies (Lyft, Uber, etc.) • Public transportation • Shared bicycle or e-scooter provider (micro-transit)

For a list frequently asked questions, view the GRH flyer.

So next time you use a sustainable transportation mode in the county, commute confidently. VTA has your guaranteed ride home

 *Visit for more information, including program rules and limits. 

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