How can VTA engage with you better?
How Can VTA Engage With You Better?

If you feel like you have seen VTA sharing surveys lately, we have! We use surveys to engage and receive feedback for our programs like our Service Planning, Express Lanes, and Sustainability programs (such as the recent Climate Change survey), and general information such as a recent Demographics survey in Spring. Every bit of feedback we receive from you helps us know you better, which helps to improve our programs, services, and communication.

Recognizing our multicultural customer base, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) embraces opportunities and obligations to ensure that our policies, services, and programs are delivered by communication tools and processes that are inclusive and effective. By these actions, we can make certain that no person, because of their race, color or national origin is denied meaningful access to our transportation services, programs, and information.

 We are updating our customer information and would like to know more about you and confirm what languages we should use to connect with you. Your responses to the survey questions will help us to confirm or reconsider methods used to communicate our services and programs to you. The survey is available in 19 languages.

And you can enter a random drawing to win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards! Please add your email address when you take the survey to enter the drawing. This survey is quick and will close on Friday, August 8.

Thank you for your participation!

Survey link


It can be accessed through our Title VI webpage


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