Berryessa Station with Parking Garage
Know Before You Go: Parking at Milpitas & Berryessa Transit Centers
Gretchen Baisa

With VTA’s new BART Silicon Valley Phase I Extension unlocking Santa Clara County to four other Bay Area counties, it’s no wonder people want to ditch their car for transit! Having 1200 parking spaces at both the Milpitas and Berryessa Transit Centers makes it easy for you to get out of traffic and ride transit. Spaces aren’t just available for autos, but also for electric vehicles (EVs) and motorcycles. Unlike other BART facilities, parking at both transit centers will be first come, first serve. Additionally, EV-only spaces are available, with ChargePoint stations available at $1.00 per hour.

Parking is a breeze at our transit centers. As you drive up to the parking facilities, a display will show you how many spaces are available in the surface lots and parking garage, as well as the availability by floor in each garage to help you find your spot quickly.

Commuters can choose from three types of parking permits:

  • Daily permits for $3 (24-hour)
  • Long-term permits for $7 per day (2+ days)
  • Monthly permits for $50

Commuters can choose from three easy ways to pay:

  • Online (daily, long-term and monthly permits)
  • On your smartphone via the Passport app (daily permit only)
  • In person at pay stations located on the first floor of parking garages and near the surface lot entrances (daily and long-term permits only)

At VTA we know that our commuters are in a rush, so parking can be paid for online, where you can register your vehicle for daily, long-term and monthly permits, or by using the Passport app. The Passport app can also be used to make paying for Chargepoint easier for those with electric vehicles. You can sign-up for an account now in preparation for once the transit centers are open. These digital options will help you get to your destination quicker!

Don’t want to pay for parking via smartphone or online? Not a problem. Once you’ve parked, you can pay at a pay station by entering your license plate. No card or fob is needed. Pay stations are located on the ground floor of garages and near parking lot entrances. You can pay with cash, credit or debit card. Learn more about our transit center parking stations.

Now that you’ve parked your car at our secure facility, you’re ready for your bus or train! 

Of course, we also want to encourage travelers to use transit to reach the Milpitas and Berryessa BART Stations. For more information about getting to the transit centers via VTA bus or rail, see Accessing New Transit Centers is Easy.

This article was contributed by Joe Clayton.

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