light rail rehabilitation
Light Rail Rehabilitation Coming Spring Through Summer

Starting this spring, VTA will be repairing or replacing worn elements of the light rail overhead catenary system (OCS) and performing other necessary work to keep VTA’s light rail system in a state of good repair. As a result, segments of the light rail lines will be closed for construction periodically from late April through late summer which may result in transit impacts to your daily commute or visits to popular events and attractions this summer. 

Light rail service in areas impacted by this construction will be replaced by bus service or a “bus bridge” to ensure passengers can still travel to their destinations. Riders are highly encouraged to plan their trip in advance.

Below is a tentative schedule* of upcoming transit impacts. Details are subject to change.  



Light Rail Stations Closed

Light Rail Lines Impacted

Bus Bridge

April 24-28

Mountain View ↔️ Moffett Park


Mountain View ↔️ Lockheed Martin

May 10-12

Winchester ↔Hamilton



Winchester ↔ Bascom

May 22-June 8

Ohlone/Chynoweth ↔ Curtner



Blossom Hill ↔ Tamien

June 12-July 1

Santa Teresa ↔ Branham


Santa Teresa ↔ Capitol

July 7-14

Blue: Convention Center ↔ Curtner


Green: Convention Center

Blue, Green

Blue: San Antonio ↔ Capitol


Green: San Antonio ↔ San Fernando

July 18-23

Borregas ↔ Champion


Lockheed Martin ↔ Baypointe

July 28-August 4

Blue: Tasman ↔ Gish


Green: TBD

Blue, Green

Blue/Green: Civic Center ↔ Baypointe

August 7-13

Blue: Tasman ↔ Orchard


Green: TBD


Orange: Great America ↔ Cisco Way

Blue, Green, Orange

Blue/Green: Bonaventura ↔ Baypointe


Orange: Old Ironsides ↔ Alder


*For the most current and updated information, including the schedule throughout summer 2024, please visit the Light Rail Rehab page. Riders can also subscribe to Service Alerts to receive notifications about affected routes.


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