VTA planner Patty Boonlue leads discussion with Morgan Hill students
Morgan Hill Kids Weigh In on Community Transportation Plan
Stacey Hendler Ross

VTA received valuable advice this week from young “consultants” who came up with some ideas on how to improve transportation and mobility in Morgan Hill.

The 14th Annual Youth Leadership Morgan Hill (YLMH) program is designed to teach and encourage the skills of middle and high school students. As part of the week-long program, VTA engaged 30 young participants in discussions about the Morgan Hill Community-Based Transportation Plan (CBTP). The students gave their advice on how to improve current routes to schools, how best to navigate those routes and places throughout Morgan Hill that can benefit from improved, and safer, routes for walking and cycling.  First and last mile solutions, like electric scooters and bike-share programs were popular choices.

teenagers examining transportation map
Morgan Hill Youth Leadership participants examine community map.

“I would totally take a scooter to Starbucks if we had them!” said one enthusiastic student.

The success of the Morgan Hill CBTP depends on community participation, and VTA appreciates the City of Morgan Hill’s invitation to take part in the youth program. Knowing what specific challenges the youngsters face in their daily travels will help VTA and the City of Morgan Hill solve those concerns. 

The community based plan will help identify improvement projects and funding sources for those projects, including bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, public transportation amenities, local roads & streets improvements and integrating technology with transportation.


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