Rail Safety Isn't Just for September

Although September is a month when transportation agencies publicly promote safety on the rails with “Rail Safety Month,” VTA works to be vigilant about safety all year around.  As a reminder of that practice, VTA is taking this opportunity to engage our passengers in safety practices as the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Transit Patrol fans out throughout the system Friday, September 23.

The Transit Patrol, which provides VTA’s security enforcement, will run through various enforcement exercises ranging from random bomb detection with K-9 sweeps of our light rail trains, to targeted enforcement of traffic safety laws at potentially dangerous intersections where train tracks and streets intersect.

We are asking our passengers to be vigilant if they notice suspicious behavior on board or at VTA stations or stops, download the VTAlerts app, and if you See Something, Say Something.

VTA is moving into a more acute assessment of where we can do better to ensure our passengers, and our community, are safe around the rails. When you see fare inspectors or Sheriff’s deputies on the system, say hello, ask questions, know that they are there for your safety.

Find more VTA safety information on our Transit Security and Safety webpage.

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