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Survey for Small Businesses Near Future BART Phase II Alignment
Stacey Hendler Ross

Small businesses along VTA’s BART Phase II Project corridor – VTA needs to hear from you! 

With early construction work on VTA’s BART Phase II Project set to begin in 2022, the work to plan for communications and delivery strategies during construction is now underway. VTA is seeking input from small businesses along the BART Phase II Project alignment through a Small Business Operations Survey. The responses that VTA receives will help inform two very important planning efforts for construction:  VTA’s Small Business Program and our Construction Education and Outreach Plan (CEOP).   

Businesses can access the survey at through November 10. A postcard will be mailed out to small businesses along the project alignment. Project staff will be available by phone or online for assistance and we are also available to join the next meeting of your organization to discuss the survey and answer questions. To make sure we get diverse feedback and ensure accessibility, the survey is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese. 

In addition to this effort, VTA is currently completing a Small Business Resource Study, including assessing case studies of other transit and development projects, analyzing business data and conducting interviews. The study, along with feedback from VTA’s Small Business Task Force and input from interviews and staff, will all be considered in the creation of a Small Business Program to be implemented as part of the Project. VTA will also be sending a follow-up survey that asks more detailed questions about how customers, staff and suppliers access businesses. This Access and Service Needs Survey is also voluntary and confidential. Stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you now!

View map of VTA’s BART Phase II Project corridor


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