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VTA Provides Free Transit App Upgrade To All Riders

VTA is ready to give customers the “Royale” treatment. Beginning Monday, January 16, VTA is gifting Royale to all its riders. Royale is the premium subscription in the Transit app, VTA’s official app for riders to plan and track their trips. The free upgrade will be available through January 2025.

Royale gives riders access to features such as customizable themes, personalized emoji avatars that allow riders to become celebrities on their local bus line, and leaderboards to compete with other riders using GO crowdsourcing.

This partnership also allows riders to switch the app icon and theme to match VTA’s branding – offering riders a world-class mobile app experience that is at once universal and locally-branded.

Just use the app like you normally would. Transit automatically determines if you’re a VTA rider and applies the Royale upgrade without you having to do anything! If you haven’t been granted a free Royale upgrade, you can contact Transit directly within the app to ask for it. Users who have not upgraded to Royale will not have access to the additional app features.

VTA is proud to offer this free upgrade to our valued riders!

Transit is available in the App Store or Google Play. To learn more visit


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