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We Want to Hear From You!

VTA staff is continuing work on the Valley Transportation Plan 2050 (VTP 2050) this Spring. A long-range planning and policy framework, the VTP 2050 will identify programs, projects, and policies for VTA to pursue through the year 2050.  As part of this effort, community members are invited to share their own priorities for future transportation investments in our VTP 2050 survey .

This plan considers all modes of travel, including transit, bicycling, pedestrians, highways, expressways, and local roads and streets, as well as transit-oriented development.

Survey participants will be asked about their typical modes of travel and options to improve their travel experiences. They’ll can also allocate a hypothetical transportation budget.

VTA has developed a phased process for the VTP 2050 that offers multiple opportunities for the public to participate in the process. As part of the initial phase, which began last fall, community members discussed their vision and goals for transportation within Santa Clara County. The next step will include the development of a draft project list.

The VTP 2050 survey is available in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese. Responses will be accepted through Sunday, April 30.

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