Diagrams show buses with no crowding (three people), some crowding (6 people), and crowded (8 people). For illustration only - actual capacity depends on how many people are traveling alone or in groups
What are current bus capacity limits?
Cody Kraatz

Customers have had questions about the capacity thresholds on VTA buses with the current COVID physical distancing requirements. VTA limits bus capacity as follows - actual capacity may vary depending how many people are riding in groups:

  •          11-20 passengers on extra-long buses 
  •          8-15 passengers on 40-foot buses (most routes)
  •          7-13 passengers on 35-foot buses

Operators may need to turn on a "drop off only" sign and pass up customers if these limits are reached.

And don't forget, with the new real-time capacity feature on the Transit app, waiting passengers can see if their bus has enough room to stop and allow more passengers on board. On the Transit app, a “people” icon appears with the approaching bus icon and, when touched on the screen, a text balloon pops up to indicate the level of crowding or if the bus is full.

"Safely Distance" is Point 3 of our 10-Point Plan to Strengthen Trust in Transit. Visit our COVID-19 Information Center for more.

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