Does VTA require and enforce proof of payment on light rail?

VTA light rail operates on a proof-of-payment system. You must possess validated fare while on the light rail system. Fare inspectors regularly patrol the system and ask passengers at random to produce a valid transit pass. Violators are subject to fines and can lose their transit privileges.

Fare Types

Light Rail Single Ride Paper Ticket

A single ride light rail paper ticket is valid for up to (2) hours in any direction only on Light Rail service. It is not acceptable toward the fare on bus service.

Day Pass

VTA Day Passes expire at 2:59 a.m. the day after the date issued.

Monthly Pass

Monthly passes are only valid for the calendar month printed on them.


When using Clipper on VTA light rail, customers only need to tap their card on the platform.

Fare Compliance

Failure to comply with VTA's fare policy is in violation of California Penal Code 640. Violation of California Penal Code 640 is punishable up to the maximum penalty allowed by law.

If you have been cited for not having valid fare and need information on how to pay the fine, you can use the Santa Clara County Public Access Traffic Case Information Website. Information can be found by visiting the Santa Clara County Superior Court's website.