VTA To Levis® Information

VTA Service In front of Levis

Attending your event at Levi's® is simple, know before you go:

1. Where to board
2. What time
3. How much
4. Know what time to begin your return trip

 Park and Ride & Schedule Reference

Light Rail Park and Ride Lots
Station Location Line From Time Point
Alder Light Rail Station 654 Tasman Dr. Milpitas, CA Alum Rock (Orange) Milpitas
Alum Rock Light Rail Station 305 S. Capitol Ave San Jose, CA Alum Rock (Orange) Alum Rock
Bascom Light Rail Station 2051 Southwest Exp. San Jose, CA Winchester (Green) Bascom 
Blossom Hill Light Rail Station 605 Blossom Hill Rd San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Santa Teresa
Branham Light Rail Station 751 Branham Ln. San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Ohlone Chynoweth
Capitol Light Rail Station 600 W. Capitol Exp. San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Capitol
Cottle Light Rail Station 5900 Cottle Rd. San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Santa Teresa
Curtner Light Rail Station 602 Curtner Ave San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Capitol 
Great Mall Light Rail Station  1231 Great Mall Pkwy Milpitas, CA Alum Rock (Orange) Milpitas
Hostetter Light Rail Station 1531 N. Capitol Ave San Jose, CA  Alum Rock (Orange) Hostetter
Milpitas Light Rail Station Montague Expressway @ Capitol Ave Alum Rock (Orange) Milpitas
Moffett Park Light Rail Station 813 11th Ave Sunnyvale, CA Mountain View (Orange) Middlefield
Ohlone/Chynoweth Light Rail Station  Chynoweth Avenue @ Pearl Avenue Santa Teresa (Blue) Ohlone Chynoweth
Penitencia Creek Light Rail Station 842 N. Capitol Ave San Jose, CA  Alum Rock (Orange)  Alum Rock
River Oaks Light Rail Station 3331 N. 1st Street San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Or Winchester (Green)  Metro
Santa Teresa Light Rail Station 6414 Santa Teresa Blvd San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Santa Teresa
Snell Light Rail Station 5693 Snell Ave San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Snell
Tamien Light Rail Station 1220 Lelong Ave San Jose, CA Santa Teresa (Blue) Tamien
Whisman Light Rail Station 4000 Pacific Dr Mountain View, CA Mountain View (Orange) Mtn. View
Winchester Light Rail Station 2420 Winchester Blvd Campbell, CA Winchester (Green) Winchester

Post Event Return Service 

Extra Bus & Light rail return service will usually run for up to an hour following the event. We encourage customers to reach their return stop location immediately following the event. Light rail customers need to get in queue lines on the gate A side (facing Tasman Drive) of the stadium. 

If you don't see your station on the list, pick the two closest timepoints listed and estimate the arrival time of the train at your desired station based on those timepoints.  Make sure you arrive 5 minutes earlier so that you won't miss your trip.

VTA Fare Information 

Clipper or Cash Fares

There are two ways you can set up a Clipper card:

Option 1 (in Apple Wallet):

On your iPhone (watch the video)YouTube, Opens in new window

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and press the plus “+” icon
  2. Select Transit Card
  3. Select “Clipper card” from the list and tap Continue
  4. Select the value amount to add and follow prompts to complete purchase (Note: This is the only way you will be able to add cash value to your phone in Apple Wallet)

On your Apple Watch

  1. Open the Wallet app on your Apple Watch
  2. Scroll down and tap Add Card
  3. Tap Transit Card to add a new Clipper card or tap Previous Card to add a Clipper card you previously added to the Wallet app
  4. Choose Clipper card from the list and tap Continue
  5. Choose an amount to put on the card and tap Add Money
  6. Follow the steps on the screen to confirm your purchase and add your Clipper card

Option 2 (in Google Wallet):

  1. Open the Google Wallet app or download it on Google Play
  2. Select "+ Add to Wallet"
  3. Tap "Transit Pass" and and select "San Francisco Bay Area, CA"
  4. Follow the instructions on your phone to add your Clipper card

Cash Fares On VTA

Fare Type Adult 19-64 Senior/Disabled Youth 5-18
Single Ride $2.50 $1.00 $1.25
8-Hour Light Rail Pass $5.00 $2.00 $2.50

* Buses accept cash (exact fare) if not using Clipper 
  Light Rail Ticket Vending Machines accept cash or card for passes if not using Clipper

Buy Your Ticket

Download the Clipper mobile payment app and load cash value on to a virtual Clipper card.  Each rider must have their own Clipper Card.

Get a Clipper card from any Clipper card retail location, including VTA's Downtown office (Clipper for youth & seniors)

Taking BART and Caltrain & VTA to Levi's

The VTA Orange Line connects with Caltrain at Mountain View Station and with BART at the Milpitas Station.

If purchasing your fares at Mountain View or Milpitas, please ensure you purchase tickets from VTA ticket vending machines.

Caltrain Levi's Information Page

Joint Caltrain + VTA Day Pass


Joint Caltrain + VTA Day Pass: In addition to its regular Day Pass, Caltrain is selling a joint adult Caltrain + VTA Day

Caltrain $!2b VTA Day Pass

Pass. The Caltrain portion is valid to Zone 3 - perfect for customers heading to Levi's® Stadium and costs an additional $7.50 compared to a Caltrain Day Pass. The joint pass is valid on Caltrain through the last train of the night and on VTA local buses and light rail until 3 a.m. Note: Do not buy joint Caltrain + VTA Day Pass at Mountain View station. Buy separate VTA ticket at VTA ticket machine.

BART Levi's Information Page 

Post Event Return Service to BART and Caltrain

We encourage customers to reach their return stop location immediately following the event to meet their connecting service if using Caltrain and BART. 

Need Trip Planning Help?

VTA endorses the Transit app for trip planning, real-time information and service alerts.

Contact customer.service@vta.org or call (408) 321-2300 before your trip for a customized trip plan or any questions. VTA ambassador staff will be at key locations including Mountain View Caltrain and Milpitas BART pointing customers to their boarding locations and providing information.

Levi's Stadium Bag Policy

Please review the strict Levi's®​ Stadium Bag Policy before your trip for rules about what you can and can't bring into the stadium. Please note Levi's does not offer bag check.

Future Event Schedules

Customers can ride VTA to Levi’s® Stadium for all events, even if we aren't providing special service.

Refer to the calendar below to see if special service will be offered. Service schedules for events with extra service will be available at least 3 days before the event.

Event Date Start Time Special Service
Copa America Equador Vs. Venezuela 6/22/24 3:00 p.m. Yes
Copa America Brazil Vs. Colombia 7/02/24 6:00 p.m. Yes
Rolling Stones 7/17/24 7:30 p.m. Yes
Chelsea FC VS Wrexham AFC 7/24/24 7:00 p.m. Yes
San Jose Earthquakes vs Chivas Guadalajara 7/27/24 7:00 p.m. Yes