Diridon Station

Cross section graphic of VTA's Diridon BART Station. Riders enter the station at street level, use elevators or escalators to go underground, and board BART trains under Santa Clara Street
Conceptual rendering of VTA's Diridon BART Station. Subject to change.

The Diridon Station will be between Montgomery and Cahill Streets, on the south side of Santa Clara Street.

Ticketing, fare gates, and bicycle facilities will be at street-level while the station’s concourse and center platform will be underground. On the east and west ends of the platform, emergency egress and ventilation facilities will be constructed. Pedestrian connections will be provided to the current Diridon Caltrain Station and VTA’s Diridon Light Rail Station as well as the future Diridon Intermodal Station. The station area will be integrated with surrounding mixed-use development, including Google’s Downtown West, creating a well-thought-out transit-oriented community.

Map of VTA's Diridon BART Station. The station entrance building will be on the southside of Santa Clara Street between Cahill and Montgomery Streets. Platforms will be underground. Future potential transit-oriented development may be built on-top of the station entrance building or behind it.

In addition to future BART service, the station serves passengers with a wide array of transit options, including Caltrain, ACE, Capital Corridor, Amtrak, bus, and light rail. With future electrified Caltrain and High-Speed Rail service planned, Diridon Station is being considered the “Grand Central Station of the West”.   

The Diridon Station’s platform will be approximately 75’ deep.. For comparison, there are many stations across the county with deeper platforms, including in Washington DC; New York City, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; Union City, New Jersey; Dallas, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington and closer to home in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Diridon Station area is poised to be the next dense residential and employment center of central San José and is home to both the San José Sharks and other entertainment offerings at the SAP Center.  To the west of the station, The Alameda’s tree-lined sidewalks welcome pedestrians to shops and restaurants.  

To understand how the station aesthetics were determined for Diridon BART Station please see the Station Aesthetics page.  

A separate planning effort is underway, in partnership with the City of San José, Caltrain, California High Speed Rail and VTA to ensure that Diridon Station is designed to handle the volume of traffic that is anticipated in the coming decades. 

VTA's Diridon Station At A Glance: 9,900 weekday passengers by 2040, will be served by 10 regional transit services, adjacent to SAP Center, in the heart of the Downtown West development, and within walking distance to The Alameda's shops and restaurants


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