Funds for One Bay Area Grant Program Available for County-Wide Projects
OBAG grant brochure

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has been awarded approximately $91 million from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to share in its third round of funding for the One Bay Area Grant (OBAG 3) program. OBAG 3 includes more than $750 million in federal funding and guides how MTC will distribute that money to transportation agencies throughout the region for different projects.

Past projects that received funds from OBAG include the Montague Expressway Pedestrian Overcrossing in Milpitas, the Highway 101 Pedestrian Bike Bridge in Palo Alto, and the Santa Clara Caltrain Station Pedestrian/Bicycle Undercrossing. Funding from OBAG 3 will be used for projects from 2023 – to 2026 that improve safety, help boost economic development, and help the Bay Area meet climate change and air quality improvement goals. Eligible Project types include streetlights, street repaving, sidewalk improvements, improved bike facilities, bike paths, bridges and tunnels, and bus stop improvements.


How You Can Participate

The deadline to apply for these funds is July 25, 2022. If you have a project, you would like to see completed in your neighborhood, town, or city, please contact your city or town representative listed in the brochure, a representative from Caltrain, or VTA Programming Manager, Celeste Fiore at celeste.fiore@vta.org or 408.321.5693.

For more information on the OBAG 3 program, visit the VTA webpage at Programming and Grants | VTA.

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