See Tracks? Think Train.
Rail Safety is OUR Priority

September is Rail Safety Month, and VTA has a new mantra for you to commit to memory: "See Tracks? Think Train." Safety around trains is a collective effort, a partnership between us and you—our riders and community members.

What role can you play in rail safety? Start by staying alert. In our fast-paced lives, distractions abound, but near train tracks, there’s no room for inattention. If you notice anything unusual or unsafe, don’t hesitate to report it using the VTAlerts app or call VTA Customer Service. Your vigilance could prevent an accident. Make an even bigger impact by sharing rail safety information with family and friends and help keep them safe as well.

Remember, light rail trains can weigh around 100,000 pounds--that’s 50 tons of metal! Trains have limited mobility and can't swerve or stop quickly, so let's work together to follow and enforce safe practices:

  • Stop when the crossing arms are down. Even if you think a train has already passed; you can expect a second train coming from the other direction.
  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks. Your eyes should be on the road and the tracks, not on your phone.
  • Listen for audible warning signals. You may not hear these signals if you are wearing earbuds so it’s best to remove them when at rail crossings and intersections.
  • Don’t run across the street or tracks to catch your train! Give yourself extra time to catch your ride.
  • Stay behind the yellow safety strip when waiting for your train. Standing near the edge of the platform is extremely dangerous.
  • Use Clipper on your phone so you won’t be in a rush to purchase your fare before boarding.

Together, we can foster a safety-first culture around the VTA light rail system. Thank you for doing your part to keep our community well-connected and safe. For more safety information, visit

Go one safety step further and take the Rail Safety Pledge

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