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Vote for VTA to Win Community-Based Value Awards!

VTA is up for two awards that YOU can help us win!  Catalyze SV, a community-based organization that drives engagement to improve our Valley’s housing standards and other environmental concerns, has nominated VTA for two awards: the Catalyzing Education Award for our Ask VTA series of events, and the Catalyzing Placemaking Award for the Milpitas BART Transit Center and Berryessa Transit Center.

The winners are selected by a public vote. That’s where you come in. Here’s how to cast your vote before November 30, 2023.

1. Visit the Catalyze SV’s Annual Catalyzing Change Awards voting page.

2. Click “Start Survey” and enter your name.

3. You can select your choice for all 8 categories or skip to our nomination on question 4 and question 8. You can only select one (Milpitas BART or Berryessa Transit Center) for question 8.

Catalyze SV engages community members, developers, and city leaders to envision and create sustainable, equitable, and vibrant places for people in Silicon Valley. The group started hosting annual award ceremonies to highlight individuals and organizations who embody community-based values.

About the Catalyzing Education Award

Nominees for this award are selected based on the most engaging/original education event(s). VTA has one nomination for Community Outreach and Public Engagement’s educational series: Ask VTA. Ask VTA has been developed to provide an opportunity for the public to have a deeper discussion through a facilitated Q&A session about the projects and programs that VTA delivers for the residents of Santa Clara County.

About the Catalyzing Placemaking Award

Nominees for this award are selected based on the best/most vibrant project changing the face of the community. VTA has two infrastructures nominated in this category: Milpitas BART and the Berryessa Transit Center. Voters can only select one as their preferred candidate to win. Both stations were constructed during BART Silicon Valley Phase I.

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