VTA Protected Bicycle Lane on El Camino Real
VTA Board Approves Central Bikeway – A Visionary 10-mile Bike Superhighway

After three years of working in partnership with the community, the City of Santa Clara, the City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara, and Caltrans, VTA’s Board approved the Final Plan and 10% Concept Design for a regional bike superhighway plan. The visionary plan lays the foundation for creating a joyful, continuous, connected, and comfortable bikeway between Santa Clara and East San Jose.

Hedding Street Protected Bicycle Intersection
Hedding Street protected intersection


While bicycle superhighways are new for Santa Clara County there are numerous networks around the world that make bicycling a safe everyday occurrence for commuting and shopping.

Central Bikeway will include the following features:

  • 7-foot-wide continuous separated bikeway from end to end, completely protected from cars
  • Intersections that include protection for bikes and pedestrians from cars
  • Enhanced transit stops along El Camino Real
  • Wayfinding to guide people to community destinations
  • Enhanced landscaping and lighting

The alignment will travel along El Camino Real in Santa Clara, one of the most requested destinations along the route, down the Alameda, Hedding Street, 10th/11th Streets, and east along Taylor and Mabury Streets past the Berryessa BART Station.

META LLC, Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, and Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition provided important strategy and engagement during a challenging pandemic.  More than 47% of people that participated in the planning process, including members of disadvantaged communities who will be served by the route, stated they would use Central Bikeway to commute to work, school or another destination. 30% of all plan participants would be new bicyclists who don’t currently ride or ride only for recreation.

Making streets safer for all creates healthy communities!

Central Bikeway Alignment

VTA Geo Map

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