US 101/Blossom Hill Road Interchange Improvement

C20004 - US 101/Blossom Hill Road Interchange Improvement

Solicitation ID:
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237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
237990 - Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

Important Dates

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1.1.            Introduction

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (“VTA”) is requesting sealed written bids (“Bids”; “Bid”) from responsive and responsible qualified firms (“Bidders”) for the project titled below (“Project”):

US 101/Blossom Hill Road Interchange Improvement

Contract C20004

1.2.         Obtaining the Contract Documents

Contract documents (herein referred to as “Contract Documents”) specifying the requirements of the work to be performed (“Work”), the terms of the contract (“Contract”) between VTA and the successful Bidder, and the details of the bidding procedure can be found at VTA’s website  Click on the name of the solicitation that you are interested in.

To download documents for a solicitation, click "Register or Log In to Download" if you are not already logged in, and once you are registered and logged in, click "Become a Plan Holder" in order to download the documents.  There is no charge for downloading these documents. 

Register as a vendor and sign up for notifications for your North American Industry Classification System (“NAICS”) business codes at By registering as a VTA vendor, Bidder will automatically receive notifications by email of upcoming VTA bidding opportunities. 

It is highly recommended that prospective Bidders acquire the Contract Documents directly from VTA’s website in order to bid on this project and be assured that their Bids include all addenda. Bids that do not acknowledge receipt of addenda may be considered nonresponsive.

1.3.         Description of Work

For purposes of this Contract, Work consists of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, services, supervision, and incidentals necessary to modify the existing US 101/Blossom Hill Road interchange in south San José as follows:

(1)      Constructing a new overcrossing structure over US 101 between the two existing overcrossing bridge decks to accommodate one additional lane of traffic in each direction;

(2)      Constructing an eastbound dedicated lane leading to the northbound loop on-ramp.  

(3)      Widening the existing southbound off-ramp to accommodate three right-turn lanes and one left-turn lane.  

(4)      Modifying the existing traffic signal at the intersection of this off-ramp with Blossom Hill Road by upgrading existing equipment to current standard and adding signal equipment to accommodate new pedestrian/bicycle cross walks.  

(5)      Widening the existing northbound off-ramp to accommodate two left-turn lanes, one through lane, and one right-turn lane. 

(6)      Reconfiguring the eastbound approach to the Blossom Hill Road/northbound off-ramp/Coyote Road intersection to accommodate two left-turn lanes and two through lanes.  

(7)      Widening Coyote Road on its east side to add a merge lane.  

(8)      Modifying the existing connector ramp from Monterey Road to eastbound Blossom Hill Road between Monterey Road and the diagonal US 101 southbound on-ramp.  

The Project will include typical safety and operational features such as guard rails, lighting, signage, and maintenance vehicle pullouts.


The Project also includes the construction of a Class I Bicycle/Pedestrian path through the interchange between Monterey Road on the west and Coyote Road on the east. The path will pass under the southbound off-ramp and the southbound loop on-ramp in two concrete undercrossing structures.  On the Blossom Hill Road bridge structure over US 101, the path will be separated from vehicular traffic by concrete barrier.  This portion of the Project includes a retaining wall along westbound Blossom Hill Road and  a mechanically stabilized earth (“MSE”) wall to support the path east of the northbound on-ramp to US 101.  The path will also require concrete slope paving between the path and westbound Blossom Hill Road west of the southbound off-ramp from US 101.

The Engineer’s Estimate for this Work ranges from $25 Million to $30 Million.  Refer to Section 6.4 Time for Performance for the time limit to complete all Work.

1.4.         Submittal Location and Deadline

Bids must be submitted on (“Bid Opening”) or before: 

May 7, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Bids received after the date and time stated above will be rejected as nonresponsive. It is highly recommended that Bids be hand-delivered. 

All Bids shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the Contract number, the title of the Project, the date and hour of the opening, and the name of the Bidder.  

Bids will be received, publicly opened and read aloud at the location set forth below:


Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management

          Attention: Ehab Azab

3331 North First Street, Building A

 San José, California 95134

1.5.         Licenses

The Bidder to whom the Contract will be awarded (“Contractor”) must, at the time of Bid Opening, possess current licenses in the following classifications issued by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Contractors State License Board:

License: Class A (General Engineering)

 HAZ (Hazardous Substance Removal Certification)

Hazardous Material License/Certificate is detailed in Section 6.14.14 Aerially Deposited Lead

A Bidder may fulfill these license requirements either by itself or in conjunction with licenses held by subcontractors of any tier.  A combination of prime contractor and subcontractor licenses is acceptable only when (a) each such subcontractor’s scope of work is identified in Bid Form #3 (regardless of the subcontractor’s tier or subcontract amount); and (b) each such subcontractor possesses the identified license at the time stated above.

Regardless of whether a subcontractor must be identified at the time of Bid, each subcontractor must also be properly licensed to perform its scope of work.

1.6.         Bidding and Contract Information

Detailed instructions for the submittal of Bids are provided in Section 3 Instructions to Bidders and Section 4 Bid Forms of these Contract Documents.  Items to especially note are listed in the table below:

Bid Forms to Submit

Refer to Section 4 Bid Forms for a list of required forms and certifications to submit at time of bid opening.

Bid Security

Each Bid must be accompanied by a certified check, a cashier’s check or a bidder’s bond in the sum of not less than 5% of the Total Bid Price.  Refer to Section 3.10.2 Bid Security Form/ Bidder’s Bond.

Prevailing Wages

This project is a “public work” as defined in Sections 1720 through 1720.6 of the California Labor Code.  This Contract is subject to the prevailing wages as described in Section 3.5 Prevailing Wage Requirements.

Department of Industrial Relations Registration

Contractor and all subcontractors used for the Contract shall be registered, pursuant to Section 1725.5 of the California Labor Code, at the time of Bid Opening.  This Project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”). Refer to Section 3.5 Prevailing Wage Requirements.


Pre-Qualification is required as defined in Section 1.9 Pre-Qualification Requirements.

Contract Forms to Submit

Refer to Section 5 Contract Forms for a list of required forms and certifications to submit at time of award.  These forms are for reference only and are not to be submitted with the Bid Forms.

Additional Information

§  This project is locally funded.

§  VTA has designated the location of this Project as archaeologically sensitive.

1.7.         Business Diversity Program

VTA encourages the use of Business Diversity Programs Business Enterprise (“BDPBE”) firms in all our contracting opportunities.  VTA has an 18% aspirational goal for its BDPBE.  Refer to Section 3.8 Business Diversity and Appendix C Business Diversity Policy and Requirements for additional information.


An 8.99% participation goal for Small Business Enterprise (“SBE”) has been established for this Contract.  Refer to Section 3.8 Business Diversity and Appendix C Business Diversity Policy and Requirements for additional information.

1.8.         Federal Requirements

Federal Requirements do not apply.

1.9.         Pre-Qualification Requirements

This Contract requires Pre-Qualification of all prospective Bidders. The Pre-Qualification application is contained in Appendix I Pre-Qualification Requirements.

Prospective Bidders that are not pre-qualified may qualify during the solicitation period, up to two days before Bid Opening.  Prospective Bidders not currently pre-qualified, and intending to be pre-qualified, must request Pre-Qualification sufficiently in advance of the Bid Opening so as to ensure there will be no need to extend the solicitation period or delay the award.

1.10.     Pre-Bid Meeting

A Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at the following location and time:

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management

3331 North First Street, Building A,

San José, California 95134


April 8, 2020 , at 10:00 AM

It is possible that VTA will conduct the Pre-Bid Meeting electronically. VTA will provide advance notice with additional details to all Prospective Bidders if there is a change in the Pre-Bid Meeting format. 

There will be no project site tour.

1.11.     Communication Protocol

Please direct inquiries concerning the Contract Documents, bidding procedure and legal requirements to the designated Contract Administrator for this project:

Contract Administrator: Ehab Azab


The deadline for submitting inquiries will be 2 PM, five (5) working days before Bid Opening date. 

Bidders may not communicate with VTA Directors, Officers, staff or consultants.  All requests for clarification, objections to or questions about the structure, content or distribution of this Invitation for Bids (“IFB”), or other inquiries during the procurement process must be submitted via email to the Contract Administrator. Communicating with any VTA representative(s) about this IFB other than as specifically permitted herein is grounds for disqualification.

Questions and/or objections must be as specific as possible and must identify the name of the project and the IFB section number and title at issue.  Any party submitting a question or objection must be as specific as possible in their description. 

Bidders shall only rely on information contained in this IFB, and any subsequent written supplement issued by the VTA through VTA’s bid process.  Bidders shall not rely on any other written or oral statements of the VTA or its officers, directors, employees, or agents regarding the Work, including statements made during site tours or otherwise. 

1.12.     Confidentiality

All information submitted to VTA under this IFB process becomes the exclusive property of VTA but, if not otherwise a public record under the California Public Records Act (California Government Code Section 6250 et seq.), shall not be open to public inspection.  VTA has a substantial interest in not disclosing submissions during the evaluation process.  For this reason, VTA will not disclose any part of the Bids before issuance of the Notice of Recommended Award, after which time all submissions will be subject to public disclosure to the extent such information constitutes a public record under the California Public Records Act. 

1.13.     Reservations of Rights of VTA

VTA reserves, holds and may exercise, at its sole discretion, the following rights and conditions with regard to this IFB, and by responding to this IFB, Bidders acknowledge and consent to the following rights and conditions:

  • VTA reserves the right to issue addenda to amend this IFB or any related forms or document, or any reference information provided to Bidders.

  • VTA reserves the right to respond to inquiries after the deadline for submitting inquiries.

  • VTA reserves the right to cancel the procurement, to reject any and all Bids, or to negotiate separately in any manner necessary to serve the best interests of VTA, in accordance with applicable law.

  • VTA reserves the right to waive any informality or immaterial irregularity in any Bid and/or accept or reject any items of a Bid

  • This IFB does not obligate VTA to procure or to contract for any services.

  • VTA reserves the right to change or alter the schedule for any events associated with this IFB upon notice to all potential Bidders.

  • VTA reserves the right to eliminate any Bidder who submits incomplete or inadequate responses or is not responsive to the requirements of this IFB.

  • VTA reserves the right to interview any or all Bidder references and to clarify the information provided pursuant to this IFB.


Name Date Download

Summary of Bids and Sign-In Sheets

05/28/2020 - 6:23 PM

Q&A - Set #11

05/22/2020 - 3:46 PM

Q&A - Set #10

05/19/2020 - 6:18 PM

Q&A - Set #09

05/15/2020 - 5:11 PM

C20004 Handout - Volume V.pdf

05/13/2020 - 12:35 PM

Q&A - Set #08

05/13/2020 - 12:34 PM

Q&A - Set #07

05/08/2020 - 3:31 PM

Pre-Bid Meeting - Sign-in sheet

05/07/2020 - 2:06 PM

Q&A Set #06

05/01/2020 - 1:43 PM

C20004 - Pre-Bid Meeting Presentation

04/29/2020 - 2:20 PM

MS Word version of Bid Form #1 as per Addendum #3

04/28/2020 - 5:15 PM

Q&A Set #05

04/27/2020 - 4:07 PM

Q&A Set #04

04/23/2020 - 12:20 PM

Addendum #02

04/16/2020 - 4:48 PM

Q&A Set #03

04/16/2020 - 4:47 PM

Handout - Volume IV for Contour Grading Exhibit

04/16/2020 - 4:08 PM

Find attached Addendum #01

04/02/2020 - 3:26 PM

Find attached Q&A Set #02

04/01/2020 - 3:49 PM

C20004 - Handout - Volume III

03/29/2020 - 8:45 PM

C20004 - Handout - Volume II

03/29/2020 - 8:45 PM

C20004 - Handout - Volume I

03/29/2020 - 8:43 PM

C20004 - Bid Documents - Volume 3 (Drawings/Plans) - Part 2

03/29/2020 - 8:41 PM

C20004 - Bid Documents - Volume 3 (Drawings/Plans) - Part 1

03/29/2020 - 8:38 PM

C20004 - Bid Documents - Volume 1 (Contract Documents)

03/29/2020 - 8:36 PM

C20004 - Bid Documents - Volume 2 (Technical Specifications)

03/29/2020 - 8:36 PM

Find attached Q&A Set #01

02/25/2020 - 1:41 PM

Find attached the Request for Pre-Qualification of Bidders

01/31/2020 - 1:21 PM


Please note that Tomorrow, Wednesday May 20, 2020 at 2:00PM, is the deadline for submitting inquiries, being five (5) working days before Bid Opening date as per Section 1.11 of the Bid Documents Volume 1, considering Memorial day on May 25, 2020. This note corrects corresponding information published via Pre-Bid Meeting presentation dated April 29, 2020.

Please find attached pdf version of the Pre-Bid Meeting presentation. We are working to collect contact information from the fifty-four individuals who attended the meeting today and will post it here soon.
Ehab Azab

Today VTA has uploaded four documents;

1) Handout - Volume IV for Contour Grading Exhibit,

2) MS Word file of original Bid Form 1, as requested by some Bidders to facilitate estimating,

 3) Q&A Set #03 in reply to most of Bidder's enquiries received to date, there still some enquiries to be answered shortly via upcoming Q&A Set #4, and

4)  Addendum #02

Please make sure the Bid Documents you downloaded are complete as follows:

C20004 - Bid Documents - Volume 1 (Contract Documents) – PDF file: 276 Page

C20004 - Bid Documents - Volume 2 (Technical Specifications) ) – PDF file: 152 Page

C20004 - Bid Documents - Volume 3 (Drawings/Plans) - Part 1) – PDF file: 176 Page

C20004 - Bid Documents - Volume 3 (Drawings/Plans) - Part 2) – PDF file: 171 Page

C20004 - Handout - Volume I – PDF file: 738 Page

C20004 - Handout - Volume II – PDF file: 760 Page

C20004 - Handout - Volume III – PDF file: 54 Page

Please note that VTA has uploaded one more file named "C20004 - Handout - Volume III"

Please find attached the Bid Documents (three volumes) and Handout (two volumes) 

Added NAICS # 237990 - Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (1076)


Name Date Download

Addendum #05

05/22/2020 - 3:01 PM

Addendum #04

05/13/2020 - 3:55 PM

Addendum #03

04/28/2020 - 5:12 PM

Plan Holders

Company Sort descending Name Street Address City State Zip Code
Cody Kraatz
Source Management
101 Trucking Inc Surinder Athwal 9317 Rodeo Dr Gilroy California 95020
ACL Construction Co., Inc. Jody Lee 207 w state street Ontario California 91762
Adams & Smith, Inc. Phil Goodman 1380 West Center St Lindon Utah 84042
Aldridge Electric Taylor Darby 844 E. Rockland rd. Libertyville Illinois 60048
Alluvion Biological Consulting Jenerro Lockhart 690 Saratoga Ave, Suite 205 San Jose California 95129
Alta Group, Inc. Shaula Kumaishi 1 Avenue of the Palms, Suite 311 San Francisco California 94130
Ames Construction Garrett Malamet 1135 Terminal way Reno Nevada 89502
Bay Area Concretes, Inc. Ryan Hebebrand 5637 La Ribera Street, Suite B Livermore California 94550
Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc Robert Rosas 1450 Civic Ct #400 Concord California 94520
BCA Greg Kenning
BCA Scott Rechenmacher 865 The Alameda San Jose California 95126
BioMaAS, Inc Cullen Wilkerson 1278 Indiana Street, Suite 300 SF California 94107
BioMaAS, Inc. Bill Stagnaro 1278 Indiana Street San Francisco California 94107
BKF Engineers Natalia Gilina 4670 Willow Road, Suite 250 Pleasanton California 94588
Bortolussi & Watkin, Inc. Juan Maravilla 77 Larkspur Street San Rafael California 94901
BRIDGEWAY CIVIL CONSTRUCTORS, INC. Gabe Farncroft 3333 Vaca Valley Parkway, Suite 2000 Vacaville California 95688
Brosamer & Wall, INC. DAVID ABOUJUDOM 1777 OAKLAND BLVD, SUITE 300 WALNUT CREEK California 94596
Brown & Fesler, Inc. Anisa Suttora 2070 Research Dr. Livermore California 94550
Builders Exchange of Santa Clara Kanani Fonseca 400 Reed Street Santa Clara California 95050
C&S Publishing Catherine Wood 8041 Tallon Way Antelope California 95843
California Engineering Contractors Roger Giles 20 Happy Valley Road Pleasanton California 94566
Caltrans Caltrans Vacura 5900 Folsom Blvd Sacramento California 95819
Carboline Company Patrick Byrne 1890 BROADWAY STE 102 SAN FRANCISCO California 94109
CCSS Roland Lebrun
CEC Sean Brown 20 Happy Valley Road Pleasanton California 94566
CEC James Waller 20 Happy Valley Road Pleastanton California
CJA Clif Coran 480 Roland Way Oakland California 95687
CMC Rebar Ron Paget 120 W. Larch Road Tracy California 95304
CMC Rebar West Amber Weakley 1060 Kaiser Rd Napa California 94558
Columbia Electric Jeff Morse 1980 Davis Street San Leandro California 94577
Consolidated Engineering Laboratories Michael Pearl 2001 Crow Canyon Rd #200 San Ramon California 94583
ConstructConnect Chris Feller 3825 Edwards Road Cincinnati Ohio 45209
Construction Bid Source Patty Gibson 416 Cottonwood Lane Holly Springs North Carolina 27540
Construction Bidboard, Inc. Simon Lee 11622 El Camino Real San Diego California 92130
Contech Engineered Solutions, LLC Daniel Niederberger 5 Sierra Gate Plaza Suite 390 Roseville California 95678
Coral Construction Company Marc Roberts PO Box 347 Wilsonville Oregon 97070
Crossroad Lab Vignesh Swaminathan 10496 Byrne Ave Cupertino California 95014
ctf estimating charlie felzer 23632 hwy 99 ste F#176 edmonds Washington 98026
Custom Rock Gary Batt Carlsbad California
D&M Traffic Services, INC Debbie Cooper 843 Reed Street Santa Clara California 95050
Deep Foundation Services, Inc. Lynn Perry 100 Hollywood Ave Los Gatos California 95030
Dees Burke Engineering Todd Wingo 16 N. Marengo Ave. #417 Pasadena California 91101
Deltech Engineering, Inc. Ebbiteanga Abili 4913 E. Gerda Drive Anaheim California 92807
DeSilva Gates Construction michael gates 11555 Dublin Blvd. Dublin California 94568
Dillard Trucking Leigh Greene po box 579 Byron California 94514
Disney Construction Dyon Zaratian 533 Airport Blvd, Suite 120 Burlingame California 94010
DMZ Biilders Jeremiah Kent 4070 Nelson Ave Ste A Concord California 94520
Dodge Data & Analytics Dodge Reports
DP Nicoli Michael Casas 266 Harbor Way South San Francisco California 94080
DRAGADOS USA INC. Kevin Kurz 555 Anton Blvd, Suite 1000 Costa Mesa California 92626
Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc. Chyenne Bevilaqua 2200 Wymore Way Antioch California 94509
DS Brown Co Rena Leonard 300 East Cherry St North Baltimore Ohio 45872
Dywidag Systems International Anouar Kartite
EA T L 15 Laguna Robles, Carmel Valley CA 93924 Carmel Valley California 93924
EXP Global INC sampath goolla 451 Montgomery street San Francisco California 94106
FBD Vanguard Construction, Inc. Erin Clutter 550 Greenville Road Livermore California 94550
Flatiron Jeffrey Wells 2100 Goodyear Road Benicia California 94510
Flatiron West Inc Lillian Simon 2100 Goodyear Rd Benicia California 94510
Foundation Constructors, Inc. Dylan Honaker 81 Big Break Rd. Oakley California 94561
Foundation Constructors, Inc. Estimating Coordinator 81 Big Break Road Oakley California 94517
Geocomp Chloe Sutkowski
Ghilotti Construction Company, Inc. Annette Conley 246 Ghilotti Avenue Santa Rosa California 95407
Gordon N. Ball, Inc. Serina Sirna 333 Camille Avenue Alamo California 94507
Granite Construction Karim Massoud 715 Comstock Ave Santa Clara California 95054
Granite Construction Company Teresa Rothney 715 Comstock St Santa Clara California 95054
Granite Rock Company Rob Snyder 5225 Hellyer Avenue, Suite 220 San Jose California 95138
graniterock max morgan 11711 Berryessa Road San Jose California 95133
Graniterock Robert Ellenwood 350 Technology Dr. Watsonville California 95076
HILLSIDE DRILLING INC. Cheryl Walsh 539 So. 11th Street Pt. Richmond California 94807
HMH Bill Wagner
HMH Engineers Linda Grevera
HMH Engineers Jon Cacciotti 1570 Oakland Road San Jose California 95131
HNTB Brian Pantaleon 1732 North First St, Suite 400 San Jose California 95112
Hunt Masonry, Inc. John Hunt 25 Creekridge Ln Concord California 94518
Independent Structures, Inc. Ashley DeLorto PO Box 491655 Redding California 96049
ISI Inspection Services, Inc. Jay Lorenzo 1798 University Ave. Berkeley California 94703
Jacobs Engineering Group Janice Reguyal 1737 N. First St. Ste. 300 San Jose California 95112
Jeffco Painting & Coating, Inc. Cindy Gianquento 1260 Railroad Ave Bldg 750 Vallejo California 94592
Johnson Industries Don Wattenbarger 1061 Samoa Blvd. Arcata California 95521
KCI Environmental, Inc. Kim O'Bryan P. O. Box 3307 San Luis Obispo California 93403
Kimley Horn Edwin Xie
L. Johnson Construction, Inc. Yvette Natisin 1566 West 132nd Street Gardena California 90249
Lamassu Utility Services Inc Adhab Abdullah 536 Stone Road Ste D Benicia California 94510
LGH Beth Kolar 7085 Las Positas Rd #G Livermore California 94551
Liberty Mutual Surety Scott Irwin
Liberty Mutual Surety eduardo campos
Lone Star Landscape, Inc. Bob Samaniego 1910 E. San Martin Ave. San Martin California 95046
M+R Engineering Consultants, Inc. Ramil Batiancila 39210 State St. Ste 106 Fremont California 94538
M.F. Maher, Inc. Brian Wear 490 Ryder Street Vallejo California 94590
M.F. Maher, Inc. Michael Maher 490 Ryder Street VALLEJO California 94590
Malcolm Drilling Company, Inc Alexandra Hernandez 3503 Breakwater Court Hayward California 94545
Marina Landscape, Inc. Hue Ta 3707 West Garden Grove Blvd Orange California 92868
MARK THOMAS Cheryl Childs 2833 Junction, Suite 110 San Jose California 95134
Martinez Steel Wagdy Bissada 1500 South Haven Ave., Suite 150 Ontario California 91761
maxim crane works dale berlin 333 basswood cmns livermore California 94551
MBI Media Mary McCormick 2033 Gateway Plaza San Jose California 95110
MCM Construction, Inc. Marlena Stockton 6413 32nd Street North Highlands California 95660
MCM Construction, Inc. Ron Burch 6413 32nd Street North Highlands California 95660
Michael Baker International Debi Bright 9755 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San DIego California 92124
Midstate Barrier, Inc. Dan Nicholas 3291 S. Hwy 99 Frontage Rd Stockton California 95215
MNS Engineers, Inc. Miranda Patton 111 N. Market Street, Suite 440 San Jose California 95113
Montez Group Inc. Oscar Perez-Forero 1 Ave of the Palms San Francisco California 94130
Municon West Coast, Inc. Emani Hailezghi 661 Natoma Street San Francisco California 94103
Myers & Sons Construction, LLC Clinton Myers 4600 Northgate Blvd, Suite 100 Sacramento California 95834
Neil's Controlled Blasting, L.P. Craig Lepley 490 Main Street Newcastle California 95658
Nor CAl Concrete Joe Ardave po box 521 suisun city California 94585
North America Procurement Council Inc., PBC Eric Johnson PO Box 40445 Grand Junction Colorado 81504
Nucor Skyline Brennan Neilson 3336 Bradshaw Rd #315 Sacramento California 95027
NV5, Inc. David Schott 2025 Gateway Place, Suite 238 San Jose California 95110
O'Grady Paving, Inc. Craig Young
O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. Heidi Faria 1520 Fourth Street Berkeley California 94710
OHL USA, Inc. Craig Huss 1920 Main Street, Suite 310 Irvine California 92614
Online Data Services, LLC Frank Cobia 5425 Peachtree Parkway NW Peachtree Corners Georgia 30092
Pacific Steel Group Mark Oda 780 Chadbourne Rd. Suite A, Fairfield California 94534
Pacific Steel Group Catherine Neville 780 Chadbourne Rd, Suite A Fairfield California 94534
Pacific Steel Group Larissa Ponce Fairfield California
Pacific Underground Construction, Inc. Tina Corbett 1817 Stone Avenue San Jose California 95125
Pacific Underground Construction, Inc. Mary Corbett 1817 Stone Avenue San Jose California 95125
Pari & Gershon Inc. Vanessa Troncoso 2101 Geer Rd. Suite 405 Turlock, CA 95382 California 95382
Pari & Gershon Inc. (PGI) Romena Jonas P. O. Box 6509 San Jose California 95150
PARIKH Consultants, Inc. (657548) Rene Ramsay 2360 QUME DRIVE SAN JOSE California 95131
Pavement Recycling Systems Trisha Vander Sluis 10240 San Sevaine Way Jurupa Valley California 92557
Peninsula Builders Exchange Andrea Nettles 282 Harbor Blvd Belmont California 94002
Point 1 Paul Leirmo 6751 Southfront Rd. Livermore California 94551
Prime Venor Inc. Kim Jones Cedar Avenue Wilmington North Carolina 28403
ProcureNow Thao Hill 814 Mission Street, Suite 600 San Francisco California 94103
RailWorks Charles Chapman 12740-B Lakeland Road Santa Fe Springs California 90670
Rebar International Megan Ponciano 2021 Las Positas Ct. #129 Livermore California 94551
RFx Analyst Inc Ryan Champion 34231 Camino Capistrano Suite 207 Dana Point California 92624
RMA Group Matthew Lowrance 3150 Fitzgerald Road Rancho Cordova California 95742
RMT Landscape Kari Trask 421 Pendleton Way Oakland California 94621
Rosendin Electric Tony Christian 880 Mabury Road San Jose California 95133
S Kwok Engineers, Inc. Hoy Kwok 1815 Cornell Drive Alameda California 94501
SANDIS Iana Muchaidze 1700 S Winchester Blvd. Suite 200 Campbell California 95008
Schwager Davis Savannah Bertozzi 198 Hillsdale Avenue San Jose California 95136
Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. Jamie Miranda 1 Harbor Center, STE 200 Suisun City California 94585
SmartProcure Ron Bjornsson 700 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Suite 4-100 Deerfield Beach Florida 33441
Smith-Emery SF Leo Paparelli 1940 Oakdale San Francisco California 94124
Snoitulos Robert Brasher
SoCal Welding Inc Joe Estrada 13992 Carol Ln Perris California 92570
SolarMax LED, Inc. Jackson Yu 3080 12th St Riverside California 92507
SSL LLC Andrew Thompson 4740 Scotts Valley Drive, Suite E Scotts Valley California 95066
Stinger Bridge & Iron Les McCauley 4248 N. Hwy. 87 Coolidge Arizona 85128
Stormwater Management LLC Erica Colunga 1016 S. 10th Street San Jose California 95112
Submerge Trucking LLC Pavel Rios Pineda 637 43rd St Richmond California 94805
Summit Environmental Contractors Kaeri Testi 33161 Camino Capistrano, Ste. E San Juan Capistrano California 92675
Summit Signal, Inc. Danny Mihelcic 260 Margie Drive Willits California 95490
Superior Energy Systems LLC Donald Fernald 132660 Station Rd Columbia Staton Ohio 44028
Superior Traffic David Berkman Montana
Team EES, Inc. Bob Brown 1150 Ballena Blvd. Ste. 250B Alameda California 94501-7313
Techno Coatings Inc. Nick Cichirillo 1391 S. Allec Street Anaheim California 92805
Teichert Construction Public Procurement 400 Sunrise Ave 300 Roseville California 95661
The Professional Tree Care Co. Ben Brunelle 2828 8th Street Berkeley California 94710
Total Traffic Control Mark Kissner
TPR- Traffic Solutions Pete Tarlian 564 143rd Ave San Leandro California 94578
Traffic Parts, Inc. Lindsay Shost PO Box 839 Spring Texas 77383
TrboZ Terry Sam 1907 Park Street Alameda California 94501
TRC Catherine Gasparini 1950 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 1000 Concord California 94520
TRC Engineers Rany Chek 1850 Gateway Blvd, Suite 1000 Concord California 94520
Truesdell Corporation of California Nancy Mackowiak 1310 W 23rd Street Tempe Arizona 85282
Twining, Inc. Teri Ozuna 1572 Santa Ana Avenue Sacramento California 95838
Universal Precast Concrete, Inc. Arthur Templeman PO Box 641296 San Jose California 95164
Viking Construction Company Randy Jenco P. O. Box 1508 Rancho Cordova California 95741
VTA Jennifer Mena 3394 City Lights Place San Jose California 95136
VTA Rebecca De Leon
VTA Andrea Lewis
VTA Lam Trinh 3331 N First Street San Jose California 95134
VTA Peter Le 3331 N First St San Jose California 95134
VTA Renato De Castro 3331 N. First Street San Jose California 95134
VTA anne baltao 3331 NORTH FIRST STREET SAN JOSE California 95134
VTA Peter Le 3331 N First St San Jose California 95132
VTA Roy Lou
WABO Landscape Dave Bonella
Wabo Landscape&construction Scott Esson 726 Alfred Noble DR Hercules California 94547
Wabo Lanscape and Construction julio perez 726 alfred nobel dr hercules California 94547
Walsh Construction Company Sarah Munson
Walsh Construction Company II, LLC David Ray 1390 Willow Pass Road Concord California 94520
Wang Technology Ashley Anderson 391 Sutter St. Suite 603 San Francisco California 94108
Western Pacific Signal Donald Shupp 15890 Foothill Blvd San Leandro California 94578
WTW Anita Cheang 525 Market St., Ste. 3400 San Francisco California 94105
XKT ENGINEERING, INC Mike Reeves Bldg 390, 251 Bagley Vallejo California 94592