Senior Program

VTA is committed to providing services that meet the needs of the senior community, take seniors where they want to go and make the experience pleasant.

Senior Mobility Guide

The Senior Mobility Guide is arranged in sections that provide information on public transportation, local shuttles, community and private transportation services, driver safety resources, fitness, and community information and assistance programs. We hope you will use this guide often.


The Daycation program is designed to provide travel training to small groups so that they become comfortable enough with VTA bus and Light Rail service to start using it for their travel needs. Learn more and sign up for Daycation Program.

Travel Wise 101

Travel Wise 101 provides short, prerecorded presentations to introduce public transit to older adults. The Travel Wise presentations Accessibility, Safety Information & Tips, The Senior Clipper card, Fare Options for Older Adults, and Trip Planning Tools provide information that will help older adults gain the confidence to use fixed route public transit.

Train the Trainer Academy

The Train the Trainer Academy is a free comprehensive training for care providers and senior volunteers that provides a foundation to teach seniors how to safely and confidently use public transportation. Learn more about Train the Trainer and sign up for an upcoming training.

Night Stop

As a safety measure, a VTA bus operator can stop at a location that is closer to your final destination than the regular stop, providing it is along the designated route. This service is available after evening peak hours until the morning rush hour, and is for deboarding only. It is available upon request and will be provided only when and where the operator feels it is safe to pull over.