Transit-Oriented Communities Playbooks

Realizing the Transit-Oriented Communities Vision Along the BSVII Corridor

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In June 2020, the Federal Transit Administration awarded VTA an additional $1.58 million to begin Transit-Oriented Communities Playbook implementation. VTA will continue to work with the Cities of San José and Santa Clara and the communities we serve to implement the Transit-Oriented Communities Playbook strategies by:

  • Developing and/or updating plans for the 28th Street/Little Portugal and Santa Clara BART station areas
  • Developing and establishing VTA BART Phase II mobility and investment district(s) and other mechanisms to fund and implement projects and programs that support Transit-Oriented Communities
  • Creating Transit-Oriented Development Design Development Frameworks (DDFs) for VTA-owned property in the 28th Street/Little Portugal station area

The Playbooks

Transit-Oriented Communities Vision for Each Station Area

The Transit-Oriented Communities vision for the 28th Street/Little Portugal station area is characterized by strong Latino and Portuguese identities and is a destination for Latino and Portuguese food, arts, heritage, and culture. The concentration of ethnically diverse businesses – along with cultural institutions such as the Five Wounds Church and Mexican Heritage Plaza – draw visitors from across the city and region. The area is especially well-known for its food scene.

The Transit-Oriented Communities vision for the Downtown San José station area is vibrant, safe, prosperous, affordable, and equitable. It is the largest urban center in Silicon Valley and a unique place to work, live, and play. Downtown is a center of business, culture, history, and entertainment. It is a 24/7 place where local businesses, community-based organizations, and public life thrives. Ground floor spaces are active, and the streets are lively. Community landmarks are celebrated as hubs for vibrant public life, and calm public spaces provide opportunities for respite and spending time with family and friends. 

The Transit-Oriented Communities vision for the Santa Clara station area will be added after the Santa Clara Station Area Specific Plan is finalized.

The Transit-Oriented Communities Playbooks

The Transit-Oriented Communities Playbooks set the stage to implement the Transit-Oriented Communities vision for each BART Phase II station area.

The Transit-Oriented Communities Playbooks provide strategies for creating affordable and workforce housing, supporting small businesses, enhancing commercial areas, providing mobility for everyone, and generally creating great places that strengthen community identity. To realize Transit-Oriented Communities, land use regulations must be updated, and funding and implementation must be prioritized.

TOC Playbook strategies. Update land use regulations. Protect and support small businesses and enhance commercial areas. Protect and produce affordable and workforce housing. Create great places that strengthen community identity. Mobility for everyone. Prioritize funding and implementation.