construction photos that display the prior use as a storage facility, the demolish of the internal storage, and new open facility.
From Vacant to Useful: Transforming 501 Cinnabar Street into Diridon BART's Temporary Parking

VTA is excited that the construction of the temporary replacement parking for the Diridon BART Station is underway! 

VTA is following through on the Project’s environmental commitments by renovating a vacant building at 501 Cinnabar Street and providing 450 off-street parking spaces. These parking spaces will offset the loss of parking at Diridon BART Station during construction. The replacement parking will be available every day for any user with a parking operator on hand to assist as needed. 

What is involved in this Project?

The renovations are expected to finish in early 2024 and open in advance of construction on the BART station at Santa Clara Street. VTA is already coordinating with the City of San Jose, Caltrain, and the SAP Center to ensure patrons and riders are aware of the location of the replacement parking.
In addition to renovating the building, the Project includes other safety improvements such as:

  • Replacing existing sidewalks and curb ramps adjacent to the parking garage. 
  • Installing lighting along Montgomery Street, advancing the City’s plan in this area to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety.  
  • Installing safety upgrades at the railroad crossing to ensure that the Union Pacific Warm Springs Corridor Quiet Zone established by the City of San Jose in 2020 can be maintained.

For more specific details about using this garage please reach out to VTA directly at

cement truck in use to reinforce the structure poles inside the parking garage.

Why is VTA providing replacement parking during construction? 

Transit Projects can affect the availability and location of parking spaces, particularly during construction. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recommends transit Projects identify anticipated parking impacts and provide ways to avoid, minimize, and mitigate any adverse effects on nearby residential or business communities.

The Project’s environmental impact reports identified impacts to on- and off-street parking along Santa Clara Street between the Caltrain tracks and Barack Obama Boulevard during construction. By providing replacement parking, VTA is adhering to the Project’s environmental commitments. 

How can I access the future station once it’s open?

The Project closely examined how riders will be accessing each station, including walking and bicycling, alternate transit such as heavy and light rail and bus, vehicle pick-up and drop-off, and parking. The analysis for Diridon Station showed that more than 90 percent of riders would access the station via a non-vehicle mode, with the remaining to be picked up and dropped off from friends and family rather than parking on-site. Not providing parking at Diridon is consistent with BART’s Station Access Policy (2016) and the Station Access Design Hierarchy (2016), since Diridon is an urban station. This decision is also in line with the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan and Transportation Policies. San Jose’s aim to establish circulation policies that increase bicycle, pedestrian, and transit travel, while reducing motor vehicle trips, to increase the City’s share of travel by alternative modes.

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