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Countywide Sales Tax
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Santa Clara County voters have approved 2016 Measure B, a 30-year, half-cent countywide sales tax to enhance transit, highways, expressways and active transportation (bicycles, pedestrians and complete streets). A countywide sales tax provides a local revenue source that can be leveraged to help obtain additional funds through regional, state and federal fund sources. The measure passed by nearly 72%, the highest level of support for any Santa Clara County transportation tax. Collection of the tax began on April 1, 2017.


Transparency Website

Visit 2016measureb.vta.org for financial details about the projects, funding categories and areas you care about most. The site provides a window into the measure's revenue and expenditures, one more example of VTA's commitment to transparency.

Program Categories

2016 Measure B Program Category Logos
The VTA Board of Directors adopted guidelines for each of the nine Program Categories at their October 2017 and November 2017 meetings. These guidelines are intended to direct the implementation of each program category and propose how the program category funds should be allocated – and can be found below. The categories and transportation projects eligible for 2016 Measure B funds are as follows: 


Local Streets and Roads: Road repairs and improvements and congestion relief projects. Complete Streets requirement. All cities/towns receive funds.


BART PHASE II: Downtown San Jose & Santa Clara. Six miles, four stations. New regional rail corridor. Links to major transit


Bicycle and Pedestrian Program: Eliminate bike/ped gaps. Improve connections, mobility. Safer, more convenient.



Caltrain Grade Separations: Separate tracks from roadways. Safer for pedestrians, bicyclists. Reduce traffic congestion.


Caltrain Corridor Capacity Improvements: Expand ridership capacity. Level boarding. Countywide service improvements.


Highway Interchanges: Connectors, on/off ramps, widening. Improve connectivity, safety, reduce congestion.



County Expressways: Intersections/interchanges, widening, grade separations. Reduce congestion, improve connections.


State Route 85 Corridor: Corridor transit study. Transit and congestion relief project. Noise abatement.


Transit Operations: Increase bus frequency. First/last mile connections. Programs: seniors, disabled, low-income, students.


What's New

Download the 2016 Measure B Program Annual Report for FY 2021 by clicking below.

FY 2021 Annual Report 

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2016 Measure B Currently Open Call for Projects


Monthly 2016 Measure B Program Placemat Update

2016 Measure B Program Update through September 2022

Download the 2016 Measure B Update for September 2022

2016 Measure B Update for September 2022 (Text)

Local Streets and Roads

  • Ongoing review of reimbursement requests.
  • Allocation through FY23: $270.7M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $ 124.6M


  • No 2016 Measure B activities in September 2022.
  • Allocation through FY23: $150M

Bicycle & Pedestrian

  • Revising Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning Studies Competitive Grant criteria.
  • Developing Los Gatos' Trail Connector funding agreement.
  • Allocation through FY23: $56.4M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $2.4M

Caltrain Grade Separation

  • Mountain View Transit Center Grade Separation: Began Final design phase.
  • Developing agreements with Palo Alto and Mountain View.
  • Allocation through FY23: $71M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $517K

Caltrain Corridor Capacity Improvements

  • Begin FY24/FY25 Biennial Budget and 10-year Program allocations discussion with Caltrain.
  • Early development of Corridorwide Grade Crossings Study and Diridon Preliminary Business Case funding agreements.
  • Allocation through FY23: $42.5M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $3.5M

Highway Interchanges

  • Developing Noise Abatement pre-screening checklist and documents.
  • Mtn. View U.S. 101/Shoreline Blvd: Reviewing 100% design plans.
  • Allocation through FY23: $364.8M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $97.2M

County Expressways

  • Oregon-Page Mill Expressway/El Camino Real Improvements: At 100% Final design. Begin construction in spring 2023.
  • Allocation through FY23: $50M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $16.4M

SR 85 Corridor

  • Noise Reduction Program Phase 2: In the environmental clearance phase.
  • Allocation through FY23: $14.5M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $2.2M

Transit Operations

  • Innovative Transit: Milpitas and Morgan Hill on-demand microtransit services launched in mid-September.
  • Expand Mobility & Aordable Fares: Sold 1,224 passes via six community partners in August.
  • Allocation through FY23: $112.8M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $86.5M

Program Administration

  • Exploring online tools for application forms.
  • Reviewing and updating Complete Streets Checklist templates.
  • Allocation through FY23: $15.2M
  • Expenditure through September 2022: $8.4M


2016 Measure B Annual Reports

2016 Measure B Annual Reports

2016 Measure B Citizens' Oversight Committee

Among the provisions of the 2016 Measure B ballot approved by Santa Clara County voters is that “an independent citizens’ oversight committee shall be appointed to ensure that the funds are being expended consistent with the approved Program.”  The two primary responsibilities of the 2016 Measure B Citizens’ Oversight Committee (MBCOC) are to provide oversight to ensure that 2016 Measure B funds are being spent consistent with the ballot language and to inform voters on Program compliance. More information on the MBCOC can be found at: https://www.vta.org/2016-measure-b-citizens-oversight-committee

Agency Resources

2016 Measure B Program Manual

2016 Measure B Logos

Partner agencies are required to use VTA's 2016 Measure B logo in their collateral materials. The logo is available in multiple formats.

Templates and Reporting Forms


Contact Us

Please email us at 2016MeasureB@vta.org with any questions, input, or feedback about this program.