Preferential Parking

Utilize preferential parking opportunities to maintain the best use of a parking facility.


Separate customer and employee parking areas when applicable to allow for better turnover nearest the main facility entrance.

Design Guidelines
Policy & Implementation
The Role of Local Government & Transit First Policies
Guiding Principles of Land Use
Flexible Zoning Strategies
Street Design Implementation
Revising Transportation Analysis Practices
Transportation Demand Management
Rethinking Vehicle Parking Requirements
Parking Management
Best Practices to Attract Successful Developers
Clarifying Design Expectations
Integrating Retail into Transit Oriented Development
Community Planning for Rail Transit
Additional Resources
A photo of a sign in a parking garage with arrows pointing to Employee and Vistor parking.
Wayfinding Signage
A photo of an ADA parking spot clear the entrance of an office building with an accessible curve connecting them.
ADA Parking Near Entrances

Locate ADA accessible parking spaces closest to an accessible entrance or dispersed at multiple accessible entrances. Provide clear accessible routes with wayfinding from all ADA accessible spaces.








Locate electric vehicle parking spaces near entrances to provide a benefit for users of environmentally and energy efficient vehicles. Upgrade existing facilities and mandate future facilities with electric vehicle charging capabilities.

An illustration showing six EV charging parking spots closest to a commercial development.
EV Priority Parking

Locate short-term parking near the entrance to allow for better turnover nearest the main facility entrance.

A photo of a parking lot with multiple three hour parking spots.
Priority Short Term Parking