Area Parking Management Plans

Develop Parking Management Plans to set guidelines on how to regulate public and private spaces to ensure efficient parking in a defined area.


Utilize area parking management plans to find the most effective solution to parking in an area, usually concluding with actionable recommendations or ordinances.

  • Regulate parking through prices, time limits, and other regulations to create a greater turnover of spaces.
  • Regulate parking to generate revenue to operate parking facilities and fund other programs.
Design Guidelines
Policy & Implementation
The Role of Local Government & Transit First Policies
Guiding Principles of Land Use
Flexible Zoning Strategies
Street Design Implementation
Revising Transportation Analysis Practices
Transportation Demand Management
Rethinking Vehicle Parking Requirements
Parking Management
Best Practices to Attract Successful Developers
Clarifying Design Expectations
Integrating Retail into Transit Oriented Development
Community Planning for Rail Transit
Additional Resources
Photo of several parking regulation signs
On-Street Pay Parking (Source: IBI Group)