Pay-Per-Use Automobile Services

Encourage pay-per-use automobile services, such as taxis or ride hailing services that do not require parking.


Remove parking spaces from curb space that may be better served by a pick-up and drop-off zone. Well placed drop-off and pick-up zones facilitate more trips than a typical parking space.

  • Reduce vehicle ownership, increase in transit mode share, and increase denser residential and employment areas by supporting ride hail services, and other on-demand services.
  • Subsidize ride hailing for certain occasions or locations where parking supply is scarce.
Design Guidelines
Policy & Implementation
The Role of Local Government & Transit First Policies
Guiding Principles of Land Use
Flexible Zoning Strategies
Street Design Implementation
Revising Transportation Analysis Practices
Transportation Demand Management
Rethinking Vehicle Parking Requirements
Parking Management
Best Practices to Attract Successful Developers
Clarifying Design Expectations
Integrating Retail into Transit Oriented Development
Community Planning for Rail Transit
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Photo of sign explaining free 10 minute parking allowed
Passenger Loading Zone, Boulder, CO (Source: IBI Group)