Update Level of Service (LOS) Analysis Practices

Level of Service (LOS) will likely continue to play some role in transportation impact analysis, but its use can be refined and supplemented with additional metrics.


Include sociological factors, transportation demand management measures and data collection to refine analysis and outcomes.

  • Consider neighborhood density, demographic factors, and proximity to transit in the assessed impact of infill development projects.
  • Adopt points-based or target-based Transportation Demand Management (TDM) frameworks to reduce trip generation and parking utilization, and influence LOS and parking estimates.
  • Update trip generation models and performance measures used to evaluate the impacts of new development projects to reflect measures such as trip caps, mandatory trip reduction requirements, long-distance shuttles, and robust Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs.
  • Pursue local data collection including traveler surveys, driveway counts, and the use of Big Data to better reflect conditions on the ground and refine trip generation and mode choice estimates used in LOS analysis.
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Additional Resources
Graphic of a map of the North Bayshore Area of Mountain View with green, yellow, orange, and red areas
Examples of land uses with trip caps or robust TDM programs - Mountain View North Bayshore area
Photo of older brown stone building with red roof and ornate archways
Examples of land uses with trip caps or robust TDM programs - Stanford University main campus (Source: Flickr Madhan Kumar)